MH-FG-2300AD with pre-stretch system and is suitable for heavy pallet connecting with packing line

Machine features:

  • CE certification
  • It is developed for packing line
  • Suitable for heavy pallet
  • The machine must work with conveyors
  • Unmanned operation can be realized with automatic film connecting, film cutting and film welding function
  • High wrapping speed
  • Solid structure, stable operation and long service life
  • PLC control and LCD text controller with easy using operation interface and reliable performance quality
  • It can preset wrap-mode, parameter and film tension as needed
  • Sensor detection for object height
  • Black object is in need of a special sensor and special travel switch
  • Inverter controls working speed
  • Soft start and stop function marks machine operation in a stable condition
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Easy maintenance
Power voltage  3P AC380V 50/60HZ 2.5KW
Air pressure 0.4~0.6 MPa
Rotary speed 0~20r/min (adjustable)
Roller diameter Φ1700 mm
Wrapping height H=2000mm (can be customized)
Effective object length 400~1800mm
Film LLDPE film, width≤500mm
Outer diameter ≤280mm
Capacity weight 1500kg
Machine size L3000 xW2000 xH3100mm
G.W/N.W 1200kg/1100kg
PLC Siemens or Omron
Inverter French Schneider
Touch screen Siemens
Travel Switch French Schneider
Button Switch French TE
Connector French TE
Sensor P+F
Motor MEIWA or SEW
Noise ≤75DB
Environment humidity ≤ 98%
Temperature -10~40℃

Working process:

  • Put the object on the conveyor
  • Transfer the object to the wrapping area
  • Use the film-clamping device to clamp the film
  • Start the machine and the rotary arm will wrap the object automatically
  • When the wrapping is finished, the film will be cut automatically